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The TPA/Pelz Putting Handicap

The Pelz Golf Institute defines: "The Scoring Game" as "The Short Game" + Putting.  This is all the shots within 100 yards to the pin.


A "Scoring Game Handicap" is a measurement the Pelz Golf Institute designed to help determine a golfer's short game and putting proficiency in various situations within 100 yards of the pin.


Baseline numbers were established by testing golfers of varying handicaps in controlled settings as well as during on course play.  It was found that the data sets for the two were similar.  In other words, you play like you practise.


Therefore, by doing all these tests you will get a good snapshot of where you need to improve to lower your scoring game handicap.  By lowering your scoring game handicap, you will lower your overall handicap.


The Pelz Golf Institute strongly recommends you complete ALL the tests before you begin a practise regimen, thereby establishing your initial Scoring Game Handicap.  You can then prioritise your practise sessions by working on your biggest weakness area first, then your second biggest, and so on.  This creates an effective game plan for practise and improvement.



Updated 17 April 2018

Introduction Short Putts (3ft) test Short Putts (6ft) test Makeable Putts test In-between Putts test Lag Putts test Big-breaking Putts test Green Reading test Green Reading test explanation Overall Putting Handicap

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17 April 2018

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